Black Sisters Make History with Organic Ginger-Based Beverage

Meet Sandra and Sheylon, the two entrepreneurial sisters who are the founders of Ginsation Ginger, a Black-owned wellness beverage brand that is now available to be delivered directly to your door.

With four non-carbonated flavors available, shoppers can choose from the following delicious options: Cherry Delight, Citrus Mist, Fresh Zest, Sunshine Burst, and Variety Pack. 

All flavors are made with Organic Peruvian Ginger and fruit juice with no artificial sweeteners. The Peruvian Ginger in their drinks is grown in the Amazon Basin and has a spicier and stronger flavor than other ginger varieties. Each Ginsation drink is packed with a strong spice and a natural potency of ginger with every sip. The brand believes that when you buy a ginger drink, you should be able to taste the natural heat and potency of ginger in your drink without it being masked by additives.

Ginsation Ginger

Ginger is a plant that offers a multitude of holistic health benefits like improved digestion, boosted immunity, and reduced inflammation.

One shopper shared their feedback of Ginsation with the following review:
“I love these drinks. You can tell that real ginger is an ingredient in these drinks and there is nothing artificial added…” — Lisa

The sisters both have Science degrees and they have a passion for learning about gut health via food-based medicine which led them to first conceive their Ginsation brand when Sandra was pregnant and struggling to find digestion and nausea relief. She yearned for a ginger-based product that was free of additives, and low in calories, carbs and sugar.

Her sister, Sheylon, is a bartender and has a degree in Kinesiology degree. She took it upon herself to make Sandra what she needed and Ginsation was born.

Be sure to follow @DrinkGinsation on Instagram, Facebook, and visit their official website at to stay up to date as they grow and expand into retail locations.



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