Black-Owned Pet Hotels for Traveling Pet Owners

There was once an old saying, “A dog is man’s best friend.” And sure, we certainly love our pets. But traveling with a dog or cat can be a challenge. Fortunately, Black-owned pet hotels are a welcome retreat for pets AND their owners.

What are Pet Hotels?

A pet hotel is an overnight living space for pets to stay while their owners are away. They typically include other services such as daycare, grooming, and training. Some larger pet hotels can even accommodate animal clinics and hospitals.

But aside from your standard care, some pet hotels offer deluxe services and experiences to their furry guests. These services can include anything from complimentary facials to pet massages.

Why are They Important?

Pet hotels help owners rest easy knowing that their furry friend is being cared for in their absence. But not only do they provide room and board for furry friends, they also maintain structure.

Hotel employees take dogs for daily walks, ensure they get a proper night’s rest, and even administer medication. Maintaining elements of their daily routine helps them to better adjust to living in a new environment.

Plus, they can also provide a lot of emotional support to animals, from soothing an anxious cat to comforting a homesick dog.

Black-owned Pet Hotels For Traveling Pet Parents

For animal lovers, pets are a true companion, with some owners even calling them their children. But unfortunately, pet owners can’t always be with their pets. However for many, boarding services are a useful solution. Even better, there are a number of Black-owned boarding services to support during your travels. Here are five Black-owned pet hotels to consider when planning a trip away from your furry friend:

1. Paws and the City – Texas 

If you can’t bring your pet along with you, let the sitter come to you! Paws and the City is a Dallas-based pet daycare center owned and operated by Judie Boots.

Many travelers purchase cramped and stuffy kennels for their pets while they’re away. Instead, allow your fur baby to relax in the comfort of his home with Paws and the City. Services include playtime, walking, feeding, and more. Plus, they can accommodate a number of pets, including dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and even horses!

At Paws and the City, your pet is a priority. From feeding to exercise, the pet center is committed to providing quality care and service to your furry loved one.

2. MaryMac’s Doggie Retreat – Lousiana 

Some dogs develop separation anxiety when their owners are away for long periods of time. As a result, a dog might relieve themselves in unexpected areas of the residence, chew or scratch at furniture, or even escape.

To combat this, try Mary Mac’s Doggie Retreat located in Louisiana. There, they provide daycare, boarding, grooming, and other services for dogs of all ages and sizes.

Their Traditional Boarding package includes walking, feeding, medication administration, structured group play, and the option for communal sleeping. Your dog can even stay in a pet suite, complete with memory foam beds, individual blankets, raised bowls, a pillow, and soft jazz music at bedtime.

Or if you have a puppy or senior dog, the doggie retreat can accommodate their special needs as well, from providing teething toys to administering geriatric care.

3. The Bark Shoppe – New York 

If you’re planning a trip to New York, The Bark Shoppe is a choice pet hotel to leave your fur baby. Whether you plan to stay for a night or a week, The Bark Shoppe has you covered.

For pet safety, The Bark Shoppe pairs dogs based on personality type, temperament, and size. Part of the itinerary includes two daily walks, meal time, sensory training with TV and speakers, interactive playtime, and much more. Plus, the pet hotel provides text updates to owners so they can rest easy knowing their pet is well taken care of.

Not to mention, the shoppe also offers grooming services, some of which include a complimentary facial!

4. Harlem Doggie Day Spa – New York

Harlem Doggie Day Spa is the ultimate luxury experience for your pet.
At Harlem Doggie Day Spa, your dog can enjoy playtime, naptime, TLC sessions, summer pool parties, belly rubs, and head scratches. And that’s just at the daycare!

For traveling pet owners, the day spa also offers cage-free boarding services. Services include meal times, monitored group sleeping, backyard playtime, and much more. Plus, Harlem Doggie Day Spa welcomes all breeds of dogs for your convenience.

Schedule a grooming session for your dog, complete with a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning and haircut. Or pamper your pup with their spa services, including blueberry facials, mud baths, teeth brushing, hair coloring, and more.

5. PupStars Pet Care – Illinois

Located in Illinois, Pupstars Pet Care is the perfect place to leave your pets while you’re away. From pet training to puppy parties, Pupstars Pet Care is dedicated to providing the highest quality support to you and your furry friend.

Customize their stay with a la carte menu items like bedtime cookies and 15-minute treadmill sessions. For nervous pets, add a calming CBD treat to their nighttime routine. Or for high-energy fur babies, request a 30-minute iFetch session, so your dog can get the zoomies out in time for bed.

You can even choose between a condo and a suite if you have more than one pet. But if not, don’t worry! Your pet is sure to make plenty of friends in the facility’s ample daycare space.



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