Black-Owned Management Technology Platform Eventnoire Raises $1M To Date

Back in 2018, Femi Masha and Jeff Osuji founded Eventnoire to create an efficient way for people to be aware of events created by the Black community, which initially tended to promote its events through their own tactics. 

In 2021, Eventnoire was named the inaugural winner of the Mountain Dew Real Change Opportunity Fund Pitch Competition, which Blavity CEO and Founder Morgan DeBaun was one of the judges for, as previously reported by AfroTech.

Now, the management technology platform has hit a new mark that aims to take its solution-based mission to new heights in the $94 billion global ticketing industry.

On April 20, Eventnoire announced that it has raised $1 million to date, according to a press release.What’s more, the platform is opening its crowdfunding campaign to the public for the first time ever. The decision was based on the intent of allowing people to be investors in what is described as “a growing startup that prioritizes Black culture.”

The press release details that Eventnoire’s technology allows event organizers to create and sell tickets effectively. Those who build loyalty with the platform are awarded a percentage of ticket fees.

Since launching, the Chicago startup says it has backed over 3,000 event curators and, according to the press release, poured $5 million back into the Black community.

“We realized this was an opportunity to vertically integrate and launch a ticketing solution that actually recycled dollars back into organizations that worked with us as well as other event curators,” Osuji said, according to the press release.

One of the main goals of Eventnoire’s crowdfunding investment campaign is “to launch Eventnoire Premium, a creator first SAAS platform to help brands partner with event curators seamlessly.”

The press release notes that people are able to invest in the crowdfunding campaign until May 31.




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