Black-Owned Billionaire Burger Boyz Featured at LA Rams Training Facility

The Los Angeles Rams website has started featuring Black-owned companies doing business at the training facility of the NFL team this season.

The latest one being spotlighted belongs to executive chef and owner Derrick Bivens, who operates the Billionaire Burger Boyz food truck and restaurant.

During the interview with, Bivens shared what led him to start the Billionaire Burger Boyz brand, which was allowed to sell some of its products at the training facility. It wasn’t the typical route that an entrepreneur may have taken as he describes it as being simple and actually a “beautiful accident” that sprouted the growth. His hunger was the starting point in the venture.

Billionaire Burger Boyz

“(It) was just one of those beautiful accidents. One day, I wanted a burger and I made it and put it on the internet, and it kind of went crazy. And so it was kind of born from that really – just me being hungry.”

The restaurant is based in Morena Valley, about an hour from Los Angeles. Yet the truck Bivens has for the business gives them the flexibility to hit other areas. He also mentions that they do cater events as well.

“We pretty much only have our (restaurant) location open in Moreno Valley, but the truck kind of moves around, really does catering for the most part and events. But you can check us out at That’s where you can get all the updated information. And my social media is @billionaireburgerboyz, and that’s with a z.”

Bivens also said that he wasn’t watching football recently, but due to the opportunity to do business with the Rams and the team giving Black-owned companies chances to work with them, he is now a fan of the team.

He wants to get a message to potential patrons that there will be no disappointment when purchasing his burgers.

“We are the real burger kings. We cook with a lot of flavor, we call it flavor by the pound. We just appreciate the support over the years, and we hope to keep doing this with the Rams.”



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