After Mýa’s Fourth Album Leaked, She Chose To Start Her Own Ventures Instead Of Suing — ‘I Decided To Go Independent’

Who knew that entertainment could be turned into wine?

According to UnitedMasters, Mýa has managed to take her independent record label to new heights by repurposing it into Planet 9 Fine Wine.

Prior to her career as an artist, the “My Love Is Like…Wo” songstress started out as a video jockey (VJ) and dance posse member on BET’s “Teen Summit.” It was here that her love for music blossomed, and before long she signed to a major record label, Interscope Records, at the age of 16.

Mýa’s Solo Career

In 1998, Mýa’s self-titled debut album hit the shelves, and the rest was history. It also wasn’t long before her second platinum album, “Fear of Flying,” was released and she continued to dominate the charts.

The Shift

Further down the line, her label, Universal Motown Records, “accidentally” leaked her fourth studio album, “Liberation.”

The leak, which took place in Japan, ultimately cost Mýa “thousands of dollars,” according to UnitedMasters. When given the option to take the label to court or break away from the relationship as an independent artist, the Grammy-award-winning artist chose freedom.

“My fourth album with a major label was accidentally released once the release date changed for the fourth time,” said the “Case of The Ex” crooner in a previous interview. “I was given the choice by my legal representation, at the time, to either go to court, which could take over a year, and sue for the money that were owed to me because the album technically came out and legally came out, or just go independent, so I decided to go independent.”

Planet 9

With that independence came Mýa’s own label. Under Planet 9, which was launched in 2008, she “executive produced, self engineered, self funded & released 7 different compilations,” according to her bio.

From there, she began to explore expansion by selling her very own apparel and wine under the Planet 9 Company before it became Planet 9 Fine Wine, her vegan red wine company, in 2018.

Not only are fans able to purchase wine directly from the site, but they also have the opportunity to buy both Mýa’s merchandise and music.




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