8-Year-Old Partners with Grandmother to Launch Black-Owned Skincare Brand for Kids

Meet Cheryl Brown and her 8-year-old granddaughter, Skye, the founders of Skye Monroe Skincare, a Black-owned brand that has been described as “the best natural skincare for kids on the market.” Their company focuses on providing quality beauty products formulated with nature and science to help kids, teens, and tweens to develop good skin care habits at an early age and ensure their skin is healthy.

Despite the steady emergence of beauty brands and skincare solutions, many of the products seem to focus more on meeting the needs of adults. However, Cheryl, Skye, and their team at Skye Monroe Skincare are looking to change this narrative by bringing quality beauty solutions to kids without exposing them to harmful chemicals and ultimately helping young girls feel confident.

Skye Monroe Skincare aims to “make children feel beautiful, confident, and healthy regardless of their physical disabilities when they are looking in the mirror daily while developing a good skincare routine.” The company is created as a 2 steps skincare brand offering the Aloe Gentle Cleanser and Hydrating Face Moisturizer, designed to work together to deliver fantastic results while being gentle on delicate skin.

Cheryl Brown was inspired by her granddaughter, Skye, to launch the brand, after refusing to use her adult skincare on her delicate skin as they spent time together during the pandemic. Describing her as the face of the brand, Cheryl decided to work on providing skincare products for Skye and other children. Cheryl leverages her background in the childcare business as well as a co-author of Basic Table Manners for Children and years of experience working in a multilevel skincare company and passion for helping children become the best version of themselves to create the Sky Monroe brand.

Skye Monroe Skincare will be donating $1 to Basics International in Ghana for every purchase. The school was established to educate and develop children living in Chorkor, Accra, helping them to have a shot at living a good life, irrespective of their background.

To learn more visit the company’s official web site at The advocacy for good skincare routines for kids continues across social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

Skye Monroe Skincare was founded by Cheryl Brown, an author, beauty enthusiast, and entrepreneur, to create an awareness that good skincare routines must begin at an early age, irrespective of skin type or disabilities. The company uses nature and science to produce a brand to help children along their unique journey, making them feel beautiful, confident, and healthy regardless of their physical disabilities.




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