Recommendations for Supporting Black Businesses in the Month of August

Imagine a world where each of your purchases has the potential to create a ripple of positive change. Such is the power we wield when we support Black businesses, especially during August, officially recognized as National Black Business Month.

Why August Matters
National Black Business Month allows us to spotlight the important role Black entrepreneurs play in our economy and communities. This August let’s focus our efforts on making a lasting impact. Here are some ways you can contribute:

Make Conscious Purchases
Start with your wallet. Buying their products or services is the simplest way to support Black businesses. Whether it’s your morning coffee, a birthday gift, or a professional service, make a concerted effort to patronize Black-owned businesses. Websites and apps like WeBuyBlack, Official Black Wall Street, and EatOkra can help you locate Black businesses in various sectors.

Amplify on Social Media
In today’s digital world, a share, a like, or a positive review on social media can significantly boost a business’s visibility. Use your online presence to highlight your favorite Black-owned businesses, recommend their products, or share your experiences. Don’t forget to use relevant hashtags like #BlackBusinessMonth or #SupportBlackBusiness to increase reach.

Subscribe to Black Creators
Content creators, artists, and influencers are small businesses in their own right. Support them by subscribing to their channels, engaging with their content, and recommending them to your network.

Advocate for Black Entrepreneurship
Use your voice to advocate for policies and initiatives that promote Black entrepreneurship. This could mean supporting legislation for more accessible business loans, pushing for fairer commercial rent policies, or rallying behind local community initiatives that offer mentorship and resources for Black entrepreneurs.

Corporate Support
If you’re part of a larger corporation, advocate for supplier diversity. Encourage your company to do business with Black-owned suppliers or hire Black-owned firms for professional services. Corporate support can lead to significant growth for small Black-owned businesses.

An Ongoing Commitment
As we traverse through August, let’s use this month as a launchpad for ongoing commitment. Supporting Black businesses shouldn’t just be a month-long initiative but a year-round effort. Each conscious purchase, each social media share, and each policy push contributes to a more equitable and inclusive economy.

By throwing our weight behind Black businesses this August, we’re not just supporting individual entrepreneurs. We’re strengthening communities, fostering diversity, and, most importantly, standing up for racial and economic justice. So, this August, let’s make our actions count because we all win when we support Black businesses.


  • Deborah Amaya

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