Mike Epps Returns To His Childhood Roots To Invest And Restore Homes — ‘I Been Arrested In This Hood A Thousand Times’

Mike Epps is restoring homes in his former neighborhood.

A snapshot of the actor’s real estate portfolio was shared in 2020, which included a home from his Indiana neighborhood block, Fall Creek, that he restored with his wife, Kyra Epps.

“A lot of people claim a Hood, a city, or a block but don’t own it. This is my block in Indiana the before and after with family and friends in the homes. They movin us out of our community’s at a rapid pace,” Epps wrote on Instagram.

“I been arrested in this hood a thousand times and lost a many friends to violence and drugs,” he continued. “In this neighborhood was a full crack house in the 80’s and 90’s look at it now. God Is Good. I tell all the youngsters to invest in real estate it will take care of you…oh and I had this land for 25 years or better not bragging just tryin to inspire.”

“Me and my wife, we started buying houses early on in the gentrified neighborhoods,” Epps explained during an interview on “The Jennifer Hudson Show.”

“Those houses maybe about 15, 20 years ago, they was $5 each house. Now they worth $200,000. So, that’s the layout that they’re doing in these cities.”

He continued: “So, I started buying the houses and as the neighborhoods progressed, I told my wife, we need to go back here man, and get us a show on HGTV. We back here building on these houses. We need to show the people that we building on the houses.”

Epps meant what he said.

The IndyStar reports the couple will document their efforts in HGTV’s upcoming show, titled “Buying Back the Block,” which is slated to premiere in spring 2023.




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