Community Crowdfunding: Tapping into the Festive Spirit

The festive season, a time of joy, giving, and unity, presents a unique opportunity for community businesses to harness the power of collective financial support. Crowdfunding, a mechanism that amalgamates small contributions from a vast number of individuals, has emerged as a potent tool for local enterprises, especially during the holiday period.

The Power of Community Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is not merely a financial endeavor; it’s a community-building exercise. The Exeter City Futures initiative underscores the transformative potential of community-driven crowdfunding. By pooling resources, communities can not only fund projects but also foster a sense of ownership and shared purpose among contributors.

Seizing the Holiday Opportunity

The holiday season, characterized by heightened consumer spending, offers a ripe environment for crowdfunding campaigns. As Cosma Zhang from PledgeBox elucidates, the festive period is synonymous with shopping, making it an opportune moment for community businesses to position their campaigns as unique gift ideas or solutions to prevalent issues. Moreover, the holiday season, contrary to popular belief, experiences reduced competition in the crowdfunding domain, allowing well-strategized campaigns to shine.

The Impact of Matched Funding

The Power to Change initiative, through its Community Business Crowdmatch, has demonstrated the profound impact of matched funding. By offering up to 50% of a crowdfunding target, they’ve facilitated the delivery of over £500,000 across 106 projects directly to community businesses. This approach not only amplifies the financial reach of campaigns but also bolsters community engagement, deepening the bond between businesses and their patrons.

The Road Ahead

For community businesses, the journey doesn’t end with securing funds. The real challenge lies in judiciously utilizing these resources to create lasting value. Flexibility in fund utilization, as highlighted by the Power to Change initiative, ensures that businesses can adapt to changing circumstances and repurpose funds as needed.


Community crowdfunding, especially during the festive season, is more than a financial lifeline for local businesses. It’s a testament to the power of collective effort and the profound impact it can have on local projects. As the Black business community strives to carve out its rightful place in the socio-economic landscape, tools like crowdfunding serve as invaluable allies, underlining the ethos that entrepreneurship, at its core, is about serving the community.



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