Surprise Your Significant Other On Their Next Work Trip With These Black-Owned Brands

Keeping the love alive for traveling professionals often requires acts of intention. Relationships already have the potential for challenges between couples in the same city; for couples where one or both partners is regularly on the go, long-distance romance requires creative thinking. If your partner is traveling for a work trip and you want to express your love, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve gathered three Black-owned brands to support while also loving on your honey while they’re away.

Helen Florals

The arrival of an unexpected floral arrangement is the surprise and delight you didn’t know would make your special someone’s day. Floral gifts are a universal gesture to acknowledge important occasions while also serving as a display of affection. According to the Society of American Florists, flowers are even proven to relieve stress, increase happiness and improve workplace productivity, making them the perfect display of love if your loved one enjoys them.

Helen Florals is a Black woman-owned flower shop shipping unique floral finds around the country. It’s also the first Black-owned florist to offer the jaw-dropping 5ft-extra long stem roses. 

The company has a strong customer base in Atlanta and Houston, however, Helen Florals is available for nationwide shipping. The company’s owner, Erica Dias, has grown the business as a labor of love and a way to bring joy to her clients. 

In a recent 21Ninety article, Dias shares, “I want to challenge EVERYONE who is reading this article to do something this week that makes you happy, and feel free to hit whoever with a plot twist whenever! Life is to be lived, and I promise for the rest of my life I will continue to do that!”

Phillip Ashley Chocolates

The idea of gifting chocolates is traditional, but the luxury aesthetic that is Phillip Ashley Chocolates is top tier. Chocolate releases endorphins in the body responsible for creating desire and energy in the body, giving us happy feelings. In other words, if your bae loves chocolate, prepare for an exciting return home (and thank us later).

Phillip Ashley Chocolates is based in Memphis, TN but ships its edible works of art internationally depending on the region and customs laws for the location. The company also specializes in corporate and business gifting, special events, and tastings.

Creative edible art collections include Taste of Wakanda, Love Jones, and even a collaboration with Uncle Nearest.

Black And Mobile App

It’s safe to say that food is the sixth unofficial love language. For uber-dedicated professionals called away on a work trip, hours can slip by with little more than a granola bar and a caffeinated drink. Thus, the act of ensuring your partner eats well is an easy way to show them you care.

Black and Mobile is the country’s first Black-owned food delivery service that exclusively partners with Black-owned restaurants. BAM’s mission is to “highlight underrepresented businesses in the urban communities that are often overlooked, and provide them with the technology they need to not only expand their customer base but to stay competitive in this rapidly changing economy.”

The app is available to both Apple and Android users. 

To show your love through the use of Black and Mobile on a work trip, make sure your partner is traveling to one of the five cities the app operates in: Atlanta, Baltimore, Los Angeles, New York, and Philadelphia.




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