Meet the Founder of PetPlate, the Only Nationally Distributed Black-Owned Dog Food Brand

Meet Renaldo Webb, a devoted pet owner and entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of PetPlate, the country’s only Black-owned dog food company that customizes healthy meals for pets and has national distribution.

Renaldo graduated from MIT with a B.S. in Physics degree in 2010. He has since worked several jobs, including as a consultant for pet food brands. There, he learned that a lot of those companies don’t really produce pet foods with quality ingredients and proper diet which causes health issues in pets.

As a dog owner himself, Renaldo decided to start his own company that would provide high-quality pet foods with trusted ingredients. In 2017, he founded PetPlate, a fresh-cooked pet food company that caters to the personal needs of each and every dog. He started it by delivering meals on his bike but now it is a subscription-based service that brings personalized meal plans directly to pet owners’ doorsteps nationwide.

“We’re really focused on getting human-grade nutrition in the hands of folks that may not be able to afford our current, standard, fresh-cooked products. That’s something that we always think about,” Renaldo told Because of Them We Can.

Moreover, he also focuses on inclusivity, considering that his New York-based company is currently the only Black-owned dog food company in the U.S. It has all paid off as PetPlate has since delivered over 15 million meals and treats to nearly 549 different breeds of dogs all over the country.

“We’re trying to approach the problem of realizing that there are many pet parents that look exactly like me, and our goal is to make sure that they know that there’s space for them and products for them developed by folks that look like them as well, which I think is just important. We love our pets like family. It’s time to show that love through their food.”

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