About Us

Black and in Business is a media brand dedicated to providing quality content and resources to practicing and aspiring Black entrepreneurs and business owners that will assist them along the road to success, support them in reaching their goals and inspire them to aim even higher.

The vision of Black and in Business is to play a strategic role in bringing about a future where the playing field has been leveled and the challenges faced by Black entrepreneurs and business owners are no greater than those faced by any other aspiring businessperson.

About Our Team

Lucy Gunther


I have always enjoyed writing, but it was as managing editor of a Virgin Islands newspaper that I discovered my passion for editing the work of other writers while honoring each one’s unique voice. I started my freelance editorial service, The Clarifier, and Devin Robinson became one of my first clients. Over a decade later, here we are!

L. Renee' Chubb


L. Renee' Chubb is a nationally published author and columnist, captivating readers with her evocative writing. As a serial entrepreneur, she fearlessly embraces new ventures, skillfully blending her literary talents with astute business acumen, making a lasting impact in the business community.

Glenn Lewis


As a passionate writer and dedicated business entrepreneur, I strive to inspire and empower others through my words. With a creative flair and a drive for success, I am constantly exploring new avenues to impact the world of business and literature positively.

Charles Buker


Charles Buker is a versatile freelance writer with expertise in content writing. Known for creating compelling content across various platforms, I skillfully turn complex ideas into engaging narratives.

Dae Alston


Dae Alston is a writer and screenwriter hailing from New York City. He possesses a deep passion for crafting stories across various genres, with a particular fondness for those that challenge conventional norms and ignite meaningful discussions.

Brianna Jeane


Brianna Jeane's compelling storytelling celebrates the breadth of the Black community, advocating for economic empowerment. An expert in finance and entrepreneurship, Brianna intertwines her analytical expertise with her commitment to diversity, aiming to inspire and inform.

Kevin Ray


Kevin Ray is a passionate writer and advocate within the black business community. With a deep commitment to amplifying diverse voices and promoting economic empowerment.