7 Websites that help you find black-owned businesses


Blacks have endured a lot of hardship in America. Most of that hardship came from restrictive rights. We didn’t have the right to own, earn or occupy. When these restrictions were lifted in the 1950’s Blacks saw it as a situation of “hope”. We naively believed that our day had finally come. We believed that we were finally going to be seen as equal. In response to that, we abandoned our “own”, citing “ours” as inferior. Fast-forward to the 21st century, and that equality has yet to emerge. Black men are still being shot, lynched, maimed and falsely convicted.

Due to these unsolved elements of America, black people have decided to find “freedom” elsewhere. This elsewhere is being found in entrepreneurship. However, the fight isn’t yet over. There is a process getting blacks to trust and value black-owned businesses. Many of them remain hard to find, which makes finances slim and thus they are hard to be found.

Here are 7 sites that exists for that very reason: bring consumers to the black entrepreneur’s door.

  1. – a social networking site for Black entrepreneurs, professionals, and consumers. The site includes a business directory, networking forum, online marketplace, blogs and more.
  2. – a local business search app with up-to-date information on black owned businesses in the Atlanta area. The businesses are listed across categories and even ranked according to the number of referral counts received by peers.
  3. – the largest online marketplace for black businesses and sellers. Black-owned vendors include clothing and accessories, jewelry, toys and games for children, health and beauty products, products for the home, and more. rebuilding the black infrastructure
  4. – is a web site of global black businesses and black professionals. Their slogan is “We Help Afroworld Professionals and Consumers Connect.” The site allows consumers to search for African American professionals and businesses by specialty or location, and compare quotes, reviews, and profiles on each Afroworld professional.
  5. – this site specializes in marketing the products and services of black-owned businesses to black consumers. Business owners from all over the world can sell their products and services through the online store, and consumers can shop for products they know are made from Black-owned companies.
  6. – an online marketplace to find quality products from selected Black-owned businesses. They also have a mobile app that allows customers to search black-owned products and services.
  7. – an online initiative that encourages people to spend $20 every week with local and/or online Black businesses. Their goal is to create two million jobs for black workers and eliminate unemployment for blacks by the year 2017.

Don’t find them to ask for the hook-up or discount. Support them to the fullest with your finances. Happy shopping!



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