Urban Business Institute

Founder of Atlanta-Based Incubator Has Helped Open Over 200 Black-Owned Brick and Mortar Stores Nationally

Meet Professor Devin Robinson, Sr., the CEO and founder of Urban Business Institute, a Black business training center that with its partners has opened over 200 brick and mortar businesses nationally, provided almost $10 million in funding and trained over 2,000 entrepreneurs. Launched in 2012, Urban Business Institute has emerged to help black entrepreneurs battle their […]

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Atlanta-Based Program Gives Black Businesses an Equal Chance at Competing

The pandemic has brought on a series of uncertainties for many. However, when it comes to the black consumer market, business couldn’t be better. Revenue is at its highest it’s ever been for businesses in the black community. This is not just due to the $1.2 trillion spending power the African-American consumer harnesses. It is […]

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