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Founder of Black-Owned Shoe Brand Signs Deal with The Athlete’s Foot

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After shattering all the rules by becoming the first sneaker company ever owned by a woman athlete, Santia Deck, founder and CEO of Atlanta-based TRONUS, is now celebrating a new deal that makes her line of Black-owned shoes and slides available in-store at multiple locations of The Athlete’s Foot shoestore chain across the country.

This is thanks to a new partnership that Santia has formed with a Black franchise owner who has a signature program that aims to increase African American representation and ownership within the sneaker industry last year.

This partnership with The Athlete’s Foot marks the first time that TRONUS has landed a presence at multiple in-person locations at once. Having started online, with sales only available via their own online store in the beginning, the customer-forward company grew a loyal following quickly thanks in big part to Santia, who is both the CEO and the founder of the brand.

Santia built and maintained a hyper-loyal following over years. First as a track phenom in college, later a celebrity fitness trainer, and then as a female football superstar. Her influence evolved and thrived as she has. She converted her fans into fans of the TRONUS brand and their unisex footwear upon launching the company. Her team then leveraged the impressive grassroots growth of TRONUS to get the company’s shoes on platforms like and into the hands of celebrities from pro athletes to top rappers.

“It’s rare that we take time to stop and think about how much we’ve accomplished since we started – especially with the odds that were up against us – because we work nonstop. Partnerships like these are a great reason to look back on where we started and get even more excited for where we’re going next,” says Cynthia Cureton-Robles, Santia’s mom and the COO of her company.

This news comes just as the latest products available from TRONUS are starting to arrive on customers’ doorsteps as pre-orders are being delivered. The much-awaited Luxe Recovery Slides and Performance Low Tops were in the pre-order phase and will now be available directly. The Atlanta-based company is coordinating a massive public launch where new and current customers will be able to try on and purchase the new athletic performance low tops and luxury memory foam slides.

Learn more about the brand and/or buy the shoes online at

Author: Staff Writer

Black and in Business Team contributes insight to the intellectual capital of its readers.



Staff Writer
Black and in Business Team contributes insight to the intellectual capital of its readers.

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