5 FREE Tax Preparation Resources for Black-Owned Businesses

Don’t let the stress of tax season get you down. I know, I know. You have to get your receipts gathered and organized by date and find all those invoices from old clients. Not to mention all the other documents and information that need to be collated and deciphered.  Because of this, your tax situation […]

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How Black Businesses Can Benefit From Understanding the Google Algorithm

We live in the digital information age where every day brings a new trend, a new development, or a new algorithm. All these things are necessary to assist in advancing the digital landscape for both business and personal use. For business owners trying to stay competitive, this can often be confusing and difficult to understand. […]

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4 Cybersecurity Programs That Support Black Business Owners

You might be surprised to learn that cybercrime is the most successful activity on the planet, with more than 6 trillion in damages caused by the profitability of this illegal business in 2021 alone. That number is expected to reach more than $10 trillion dollars by the year 2025. It’s safe to say that cybercrime […]

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Black-Owned Businesses

Numbers Don’t Lie: Exciting Facts & Figures About Black-Owned Businesses

In the Black community, especially for descendants of slaves, entrepreneurship amounts to much more than simply calling yourself a CEO or even owning the business itself. Having your own business is more than just achieving some part of a fallacious “American Dream” that never included us.   For us, as Black-owned business owners, the power to […]

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Community Giving

Create a Thriving Black-Owned Business Through Community Giving

Is it possible to be both the receiver and the giver of community charity?  For the Black entrepreneur, the answer is always a resounding “Yes!.”  If we are the first line of defense for our own community, then whether or not access to resources are equal and fair outside of it won’t technically matter too […]

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Loan Approved: The Largest Black-Owned Bank in the US Gives Black Business Borrowers a Chance

OneUnited Bank, the world’s largest Black-owned bank in America, has recently joined forces with Lendistry, a technology company – also Black owned –  to help Black Business owners access capital and build generational wealth with loans ranging from $50,000 to $5 million through the “OneTransaction Program.” The bank was initially established in 1968 (as Unity […]

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4 Common Questions Black Business Owners Should Be Asking About Credit

Do you know what your business credit score is? Did you even know you had one? Black Business Owners and entrepreneurs, more than most, need to ensure their business credit is taken seriously and maintained religiously, especially if we want to ever have a chance of closing the wealth gap, creating generational wealth and keeping […]

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Hello NAACP: An Alliance to Build Generational Wealth In the Black Community

As of October of last year, the NAACP has acquired part ownership in Hello Alice, the fastest growing online platform exclusively designed to help small and minority owned businesses start, manage and grow their diverse customer bases. This is a major win for Black business owners, who are often invited to the table but not […]

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5 Black-Owned Tech Companies Looking For Investors

With thousands of Black-owned businesses left standing at the end of a very long line, Covid-19 PPP relief only served to further subjugate marginalized businesses in communities that depended on that program as a last hope. Two of the main industries affected are tech and venture capital firms, with a disproportionate 90% of available angel […]

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