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How Black Businesses Can Benefit From Understanding the Google Algorithm

Black Business
Entrepreneurship Op-eds

The Black Business Surge: Why Ownership is on the Rise

In 2021 alone, there were more new Black-owned businesses launched than at any other time in the last quarter-century, according to a recent Kauffman Foundation Annual Study. Just over 1.2 million African Americans were self-employed in February 2022, compared to slightly under 1.1 million in February 2020. There are several major reasons for the recent emergence […]

Entrepreneurship Op-eds

4 Cybersecurity Programs That Support Black Business Owners

You might be surprised to learn that cybercrime is the most successful activity on the planet, with more than 6 trillion in damages caused by the profitability of this illegal business in 2021 alone. That number is expected to reach more than $10 trillion dollars by the year 2025. It’s safe to say that cybercrime […]

Female Entrepreneur
Entrepreneurship Op-eds

Useful Tips for Aspiring Black Female Entrepreneurs

Though many of us would love to bask in the glory of being our own boss, the reality is this: It’s hard. With that said, it’s not the road for everyone but many still travel it and WIN! Particularly as of late, a record number of minority women have been coming up big in the […]

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Tiffany James

Tiffany James Helps Black Women Invest with Modern BLK Girl

— Tiffany James used investing to turn $10,000 in $2 million. Now she wants to help Black girls do the same. Like most college graduates, Tiffany James left school with a degree and student loan debt which had her struggling. However, in 2019, a coworker suggested she buy stock in a company named Tesla when shares were […]


Jay-Z Participates in $33 Million Investment of Beauty Brand

Jay-Z just backed premier beauty brand Madison Reed in an investment totaling $33 million, Forbes reports. The round was led by Sandbridge Capital and Jay-Z’s Marcy Venture Partners also participated in the round. What’s more, the investment brings the San Francisco-based company’s total capital to nearly $220 million, according to Bloomberg. How The Funding Will Further Beauty Brand […]

Black-Owned Stocks

How to Invest in Black-Owned Stocks and Other Investments

In addition to donating to organizations that fight for racial justice or shopping at Black-owned businesses, you can put your investment dollars to work, too. “What comes after protests is money, and money is what will make change sustainable,” says Tiffany Aliche, a financial educator and founder of The Budgetnista. Here’s how to support racial […]


Lisa Home Mortgage
Community News

CEO of Lisa Home Mortgage Helps Philadelphia Homebuyers Get Up to $10K in Grants

Lisa K. Farrell, founder and CEO of Lisa Home Mortgage, a Black-owned federal and multi-state licensed mortgage company, is working with first-time homebuyers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to help them qualify for and receive up to $10,000 in funding to be used toward a downpayment and closing costs. The Philly First Home Grant does not require monthly […]

Convicted Felons
Community Entrepreneurship News

Atlanta Restaurant Owner Launches Pitch Contest to Help Convicted Felons

Convicted felons in Atlanta, GA, will now have a chance at a new start, thanks to the efforts of entrepreneur Chad Dillon. Making A Difference  The 31-year-old CEO and Founder of The Boiler Seafood Atlanta wanted to help his community beyond the restaurant walls. Recognizing those near and dear to his heart have been incarcerated or faced potential […]

Community Giving
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Create a Thriving Black-Owned Business Through Community Giving

Is it possible to be both the receiver and the giver of community charity?  For the Black entrepreneur, the answer is always a resounding “Yes!.”  If we are the first line of defense for our own community, then whether or not access to resources are equal and fair outside of it won’t technically matter too […]

Community Entrepreneurship Op-eds

Loan Approved: The Largest Black-Owned Bank in the US Gives Black Business Borrowers a Chance

OneUnited Bank, the world’s largest Black-owned bank in America, has recently joined forces with Lendistry, a technology company – also Black owned –  to help Black Business owners access capital and build generational wealth with loans ranging from $50,000 to $5 million through the “OneTransaction Program.” The bank was initially established in 1968 (as Unity […]

Costa Rica
Community Entrepreneurship News

Costa Rica’s First Black-Owned Tour Agency Allows Vistors to Explore Afro-Costa Rican Culture

Costa Rica’s first Black agency group is expanding experiences that will allow visitors to experience Afro-Costa Rican culture if they don’t have much time.  Soul Life Travel has a six-day trip to Puerto Viejo, which the founder says is the perfect introduction to Afro-Latin culture along the Caribbean Coast.  “A lot of our other tours allow people to go […]